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Exercise alone will not give you the results you're looking for!

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Online personal training for a strong, leaner and healthier you

I am dedicated to developing a program that suits your specific needs and lifestyle. Whether you enjoy lifting weights, prefer outdoor activities or a relaxing yoga session we’ll work together to find your perfect fitness fit.

Nutritional habits based on the latest scientific evidence

As we create your 'Owner’s Manual' we’ll discover which foods work best with your body and create meal plans that are quick and easy to prepare.

Stay disciplined, stay faithful & become a better version of yourself.

Bodybuilding for Christ

With Bodybuilding for Christ, you will learn fundamental fitness routines and nutritional habits that will change you from the inside out.



Become the best version of yourself, physically & spiritually, with online personal training.



Using the latest available technology, we deliver a customised approach to healthy eating.



Introducing ProCoach: take back your health and transform your life one habit at a time.

“Do not be distracted by the things that have gone wrong in the past, but keep your eyes focused on what is achievable – your future health and happiness” • Coach Jan-Roux

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Feedback from satisfied clients

I have been very fortunate in having had Jan-Roux as a trainer. He is very knowledgeable in all aspects of training and overall wellbeing. The experience has been very informative and I have already recommended Jan to all my colleagues. He truly is awesome!

Nyree Van Heerden

Jan-Roux is absolutely one of the best resources for someone trying to become a better version of themselves. Whether just beginning a foray into the fitness world, or a seasoned buff trying to push their limits, he will assess your needs and go well beyond expectation to try and meet them. His training plans macro breakdowns and meal plans are carefully thought out and reflect years of education and experience in exercise science, but what truly wins you over is the personal relationship that underscores all of this. I've never been treated like "just another client"; in fact, it's felt more as though I'm paying for a full support system than a trainer or coach. This is someone who truly loves what they do and is willing to go the extra mile to bring even just a little more light to your life through fitness - physical and mental alike. I can deadlift 110kilos thanks to his coaching, but more importantly I have a stronger sense of self-worth, fulfillment and commitment to not only being strong, but healthy and happy. Thanks Jan-Roux!!!

AbiDemi Williams

I have had the privilege to train with Jan-Roux for the past six months and it has been a privilege indeed. Jan is a guy who is awesome at doing the basics 100% before going to the next level. His motto is slow, steady progress. There's no short cuts. He is incredibly meticulous in all aspects of his approach to a better you. He has a vast knowledge about all aspects of physical exercise and the essential dietary requirements needed to achieve your goals. I experience him as someone who is patient, kind and passionate about his clients. I am looking forward to be involved with Jan for a long time to come.

David Conradie

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